Is your Web Hosting Provider GDPR Compliant? UK Hosting

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Is your Web Hosting Provider GDPR Compliant? UK Hosting

WEB HOSTING – Under new GDPR regulations, IT hosting providers and cloud hosters will have more responsibility to better protect data. Customers will need to start questioning their current cloud & hosting providers or potential new suppliers more thoroughly about whether they are GDPR compliant and how they can demonstrate that they are GDPR compliant.

It’s also critical to understand where cloud providers are storing your data – they might have UK or EU datacentres but does your contract prevent data being transferred between their datacentres outside of the EU? And are you aware when it is being transferred? You can still host your IT with providers outside of the EU, but you will need to ensure that these providers have safeguards and security measures in place that meet the GDPR standards in order to remain compliant if you are handling EU citizen data.

There are also questions over whether customers should host with non-UK cloud providers, but the crucial point is more about whether your provider is adhering to GDPR standards.

Design For Online Hosting offers Hosting that is based in London and has data centres that are only in the UK, meaning that you can be assured that GDPR standards are enforced from end to end and future rules & regulations when the UK leaves the EU are also enforced.

If you host with companies such as HostGator, JustHost, GoDaddy & Bluehost, you should check with them now. Moving over to our UK hosting will also offer a marked improvement in website speed & security.

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