Elementor – Why we use it on our WordPress based websites and you should too!

Elementor - Why we use it on our Wordpress based websites and you should too!

Gone are the days where websites need to be built from the ground up and coded from nothing, yes some companies will invest tens of thousands of pounds into designing their own in house system that is entirely unique, however this now comes with additional overheads, specialists required for minor updates and ongoing support almost always required.

Today a lot of people choose to test their own skills and use popular web based website builders which they can use for a monthly fee. Often these solutions are very basic, aren‘t optimised for SEO, limited features & people don’t end up with a website that is unique and professional.

This is where Elementor comes in. We use wordpress on 90% of our website builds, it is open sourced, easily managed and allows for maximum customisation, did you know Disney use WordPress? We chose to implement Elementor into our websites at the start of 2020 following the successful launch of a number of sites.

It is a visual design tool which allows you to build unique websites (and truly unique) faster and better than ever before. It allows for full customisation of all elements and at a responsive level so you can focus on Mobile first web design right from the start.

The main reasons we choose to use Elementor is really for the same reasons we use WordPress, it allows the end customer more flexibility, an all-in-one solution and something that is user friendly enough to allow updates to take place without us or another Agency to update simple things.

Elementor is built for professionals from freelancers to agency’s and allow for a fast way to design unique websites that are powerful, flexible & have faster performance.

Using elementor is also great for marketing, it helps with increase traffic, leads & conversions by designing forms visually to integrate them with your favourite marketing tools, generating more leads, traffic & conversions.

Finally and the main reason we like to use Elementor is the fact it allows us to create any website we can imagine, using enhanced animations, high resolution images, modern nav menus and so much more.

Noel Lees, CEO and founder of Design for Online