How often do you or your hosting provider backup your websites?  It is a tricky question and also one that needs some thought given to it.  It depends on what it is you are looking for and whether or not you want redundancy should anything happen to the hosting provider, or worse, you accidently delete files from your website.  It is a pain and also a relief to know that your provider can return them, as they were, just moments later.

We always recommend a provider that can offer backups in real-time so that everything is protected 24/7.  we also advocate an off-site storage method for your website, should anything happen to the hosting provider or if they go down for long periods of time.

We have a separate NAS here at our Bedford office along with our hosting servers based in the UK that provided a complete backup solution.  We tend to backup our clients hosting once a day to our offsite storage facility here in Bedford.  This is a great solution should you have any problems with your hosting provider, as you can also do this yourself and it provides you with a backup of your website if they go down.  Or even if you come into issues with the provider and they are unwilling to help provide you with the service required to migrate your hosting to a different provider.

Our backup and migration service:

We offer a full migration service and will also provide a full off-site backup of your website on either a weekly, daily or hourly schedule, find out more in our hosting section.   All of our NAS uses only WD RED hard drives and are also hooked up to a full UPS (uninterruptable power supply) so if the power goes out, we can keep running your backups around the clock, until power is restored.